Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chapter 4

         As sly as a secret agent fox I slipped out the door and slid on the bag over my dull blue glasses. “Honey you forgot your lunch!” called my mom as she peeked out the door, “and why do you have a paper bag on your head?” She snatched the bag off my head and handed me my lunch. I walked off to school. As soon as I got to school I scurried across the hall and into the boy’s rest room. I figured that if no one saw me, than I could hide in the bathroom all day. I sneaked into a stall and locked the door. I closed the lid and sat down. I should have brought my DSI. I sat there for five more minutes, and then came the flaw to what I had thought to be my greatest backup plan. One of the kinder-garden classes was going on a field trip, and the school rule is that before going on a field trip you must take a bathroom break. A crowd of little kids came rushing in. It was like a bad dream. That’s it! It is a bad dream! I pinched myself. Okay so it wasn’t a dream. Then a brown haired kid decided he would crawl under the stall where I was sitting to see if anybody was actually in there. That was the last straw. I rocketed out of the bathroom, dashed out into the crowded hallway and through the back doors of the school building. Sadly that door happened to be an emergency exit, and as most emergency exits do, an alarm sounded. I dove into the bushes. 

  i will not be posting any more chapters because when i finish my book i am going to print it and sell it


We went to the Atlanta Aquarium (it is the biggest one in the entire world.) 

We also went to the zoo
i took all of these pictures. 

Poe the panda

A red panda

river otters


a trained owl

Campbell getting to pet the 10 month old alligator 

small komodo dragon 

river otter 

Tara the elephant getting a bath
(pronounced tare-a )

Kelly getting a bath 

Kelly the elephant

can you spot the snake?

owl not paying any attention what so ever to his trainer who has a entire dead rat in her hand.


 the entire us team
we were  all going to stand on the podium,
 but it collapsed with all the weight
we all fell over.