Sunday, December 25, 2011

new house

we moved into our new house a week before Christmas. my last day of Brentwood was on Tuesday. at the end of Tuesday we had a class circle and our teachers gave me a book with our class picture of us at the outdoor school on the cover and inside everyone in the class had made a page. at the end of the book were two pictures;one of everyone in our cabin at the outdoor school and one of Olivia and i on the bus at the outdoor school.Matilda came over on Wednesday and on Thursday we played kenect. today is Christmas and last night i was up until three am. i woke up at six twenty am. for Christmas i got band-aids, tape, a hex bug nano, a candy Christmas tree, a telescope, a craft store gift card ,Yahtzee, a Sudoku puzzle book, Glee the concert movie, and harry potter and the deathly hollows part two. i also am getting a kindle but it is in the mail.