Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camping (after)

     On the first day of camping My friends and I went to the river.  When we got in I was the the first one to make it across, and the first one to slip in the process of doing so.  The next day we went down to the river again.  This time we had tubes, so we could go tubing.  The tubing course wasn't as fun as it looked.  Luke and I decided that we would go and discover an unknown island.  we found one ...                                                                                     sort of.  It wasn't exactly an island ... and it wasn't exactly an island.  It was more like a really tall rock that was sticking ten feet out of the water.  Later that day we made s'mores and played hide and seek.  When we were playing hide and seek the seeker forgot I was playing and they never found me. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sleepover Camp Out
     In order to prepare for the camping trip we had to wash out all the portable camping pots and pans, and in this case we means Lily and I.  The dishwasher didn't have enough room for them, so we had to hand wash them. 
      When we were finished with that we had to clean out all the trash from the car.  Now we are on a search for hats and head lamps.  Some of the head lamps might have gotten lost when I had a sleepover camp out in the backyard, like in the picture above.
     At least this means we can leave earlier tomorrow...hopefully. 


     Tomorrow we are going camping.  There are about 14 kids going.  The kids are Luke, Molly, Nathanial, Lucia, Willa, Finlay, Matilda, William, Larson, Campbell, Lily, And I.  Plus two other kids who are friends of Nathaniel.  We are going to Garner state park.  We will stay there for three days.  The place we are camping has a lake near it, so we can go swimming.   

First Time

Campbell stuck in a box
Campbell not stuck in a box
 or as we call her Bean
Lily sideways
with a first place climbing medal
     Yesterday my mom asked me if I wanted to start a blog, so I said yes.                My name is Ella.  I live in Austin, Texas.  One of my favorite things to do is to climb.  I have been to competitions in Colorado, Louisiana, Utah, Washington DC, Georgia, and of course in Texas.  I have two younger sisters and a younger brother.  I am 10 and my sisters name's are Lily and Elizabeth. My brother's name is Campbell.  Lily is 8, Campbell is 4, and Elizabeth is 2.My favorite colors are Turquoise and Orange.  I have a pet cat, and 3 pet hermit crabs.  If I could have any pet it would be either a lizard, or a snake.