Saturday, April 2, 2011

snail pictures

Tina the snail
Amanda the snail 
     i took a lot of pictures of my pet snails

  Oh and if you know weather or not Amanda                       
Amanda has been bubbling.
 we think she might either
be tooting or is sick 

is sick,(see picture below) please tell me.

Charlie the mischievous  snail

Amanda really likes to eat carrots


  1. Maybe Amanda has been eating too many carrots!

  2. your snails are awesome Ella
    Love your blog
    Beans the dotted lama

  3. I know that snail...I have over 8 minutes of hilarious video on my phone of Amanda over at your grandmother's house. I'm glad to see she's found a good home! I had a great time with you (and Amanda) in Austin. Love, Uncle Dustin